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No Contracts, No Monthly Fees, No Commitment, Low Cost SEO!

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Organical SEO is located in Bergen County, NJ. We do all of our work in-house. It's not just emails and a voice on the other line. Our SEO experts meet you in-person, face-to-face and with a handshake. We keep it local!

We Really Are SEO Experts

No young kids or interns here. Our experts each have over 20 years of SEO experience. Every employee is Google AdWords certified and regularly tested on their SEO knowledge. Some teach at universities and speak at conferences throughout the country.

Hear What People Are Saying About Our One-on-One WordPress SEO Classes

Organical offers one-on-one SEO classes. STOP paying SEO companies a monthly retainer. Have us teach you how to optimize your website.
  • Dave
    The problem with SEO is that there are a lot of pieces (like links in a chain) that you have to understand to make any headway. If one or more of those piece is not in place – the chain just doesn't work. On top of that, there are a bazillion tools for SEO, each promising ultimate success – but delivering far less if not used with other pieces of the chain. What Alex offers is a total game plan, a structure, a set of tools and knowledge that actually gets the job done. On top of that, Alex takes pride in his work – and is there to support each SEO trainee or client and their website. I highly recommend Alex’s capabilities.
  • 5
    I attended Alex's SEO class. The class was phenomenal and I learned much more than I intended. Alex is an expert in SEO and the course is designed to progressively take you on a journey to understanding basic SEO principles to advanced techniques to improve your current SEO as well as clients. He gave us templates, resources, checklist, and an encyclopedia worth of knowledge. I highly recommend Alex's and his class, he is truly an expert!
    One Way Limo
  • 5
    Alex is exceptional at what he does. I recently attended one of his SEO workshops and walked away with a clear picture on how to optimize my site. He not only gave me the tools and knowledge but has afforded me the opportunity to drive more business and sales. The best thing about Alex is that he's not only an expert is his craft, but truly cares about his clients and their success. I highly recommend Alex for SEO services, and he's the only source I really trust to deliver results.
    Exceller Marketing
  • Wordpress seo training NJ
    Alex the most knowledgeable person on the topic of SEO I've met. I invited Alex to present at the Stamford Wordpress Meetup Group in March 2012. Of the numerous paid SEO seminars I've been to, Alex's free 1-hour talk was the most informative. After implementing his tactics I was able to rank in the top 10 results for "Connecticut WordPress developer". I've also hired to Alex to work on SEO for clients at Kim Ronemus Design. Even in the most competitive markets, his tactics produce measurable results quickly. He is personable, enthusiastic, and always a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend both attending one of Alex's SEO talks and/or hiring him as an SEO consultant.
    Digital Strategist